Ultrasound Contrast Media

Ultrasound Contrast Media
Accession Number
DBCAT002603  (DBCAT003373)

Not Available

ATC Classification
DrugDrug Description
Sulfur hexafluorideA medication used in ultrasound to enhance viewing of blood vessels and the urinary tract.
PerflenapentDodecafluoropentane is also known as perfluoropentane or perflenapent.
GalactoseThere are limited therapeutic uses for which galactose is formally indicated. Some predominant indications include (a) the use of galactose to facilitate the construction of structurally and immunologically effective attenuated...
PerflutrenA diagnostic medication to improve contrast during echocardiograms.
PerflexaneNot Annotated
Human albumin microspheresNot Annotated
1,2-DistearoyllecithinNot Annotated
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