Zoledronate D,L-Lysine MonohydrateProduct ingredient for Zoledronic acid

Zoledronate D,L-Lysine Monohydrate
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Zoledronic acid

Zoledronic acid, or CGP 42'446,8 is a third generation, nitrogen containing bisphosphonate similar to ibandronic acid, minodronic acid, and risedronic acid.5 Zoledronic acid is used to treat and prevent multiple forms of osteoporosis, hypercalcemia of malignancy, multiple myeloma, bone metastases from solid tumors, and Paget’s disease of bone.14,15,16 Zoledronic acid was first described in the literature in 1994.8

Zoledronic acid was granted FDA approval on 20 August 2001.14

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