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CategoryDescription# of Drugs# of Targets
Anesthetics, DissociativeIntravenous anesthetics that induce a state of sedation, immobility, amnesia, and marke...  more219Details
Anesthetics, GeneralAgents that induce various degrees of analgesia; depression of consciousness, circulati...  more38244Details
Anesthetics, InhalationGases or volatile liquids that vary in the rate at which they induce anesthesia; potenc...  more1081Details
Anesthetics, IntravenousUltrashort-acting anesthetics that are used for induction. Loss of consciousness is rap...  more16114Details
Anesthetics, LocalDrugs that block nerve conduction when applied locally to nerve tissue in appropriate c...  more31130Details
AngelicaA plant genus of the family Apiaceae.10Details
Angioedemas, Hereditary, drug therapyNot Available17Details
Angiogenesis Inducing AgentsAgents that induce or stimulate PHYSIOLOGIC ANGIOGENESIS or PATHOLOGIC ANGIOGENESIS.13Details
Angiogenesis InhibitorsAgents and endogenous substances that antagonize or inhibit the development of new bloo...  more25113Details
Angiogenesis Modulating AgentsAgents that modulate the PHYSIOLOGIC ANGIOGENESIS process. This is accomplished by endo...  more2466Details
Angiogenic ProteinsIntercellular signaling peptides and proteins that regulate the proliferation of new bl...  more26Details
AngiographyNot Available19Details
Angiopoietin-like 3 InhibitorNot Available11Details
Angiopoietin-like 3 InhibitorsNot Available11Details
AngiospermsDicotyledonous Flowering Plants4721Details
Angiostatic ProteinsProteins that specifically inhibit the growth of new blood vessels (ANGIOGENESIS, PHYSI...  more26Details
Angiotensin 2 Receptor BlockerNot Available964Details
Angiotensin II Antagonists and Calcium Channel BlockersNot Available325Details
Angiotensin II Antagonists and DiureticsNot Available211Details
Angiotensin II receptor antagonistsNot Available1166Details
Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) and calcium channel blockersNot Available973Details
Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) and diureticsNot Available961Details
Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), plainNot Available1064Details
Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor BlockersAgents that antagonize ANGIOTENSIN II TYPE 1 RECEPTOR. Included are ANGIOTENSIN II anal...  more739Details
Angiotensin II Type 2 Receptor BlockersAgents that antagonize the ANGIOTENSIN II TYPE 2 RECEPTOR.545Details
Displaying categories 301 - 325 of 4736 in total