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CategoryDescription# of Drugs# of Targets
Anthrax Protective Antigen-directed AntibodyNot Available21Details
Anthrax Protective Antigen-directed Antibody InteractionsNot Available21Details
Anthrax VaccinesNot Available10Details
Anti-Acne PreparationsNot Available26194Details
Anti-Acne Preparations for Systemic UseNot Available25Details
Anti-Acne Preparations for Topical UseNot Available25193Details
Anti-Allergic AgentsAgents that are used to treat allergic reactions. Most of these drugs act by preventing...  more43232Details
Anti-Anxiety AgentsAgents that alleviate ANXIETY, tension, and ANXIETY DISORDERS, promote sedation, and ha...  more64270Details
Anti-anxiety agents, 4'-fluoro-4-piperidinobutyrophenone derivativesNot Available00Details
Anti-apoptotic Drugs for Neurodegenerative DiseasesNot Available00Details
Anti-Asthmatic AgentsDrugs that are used to treat asthma.66344Details
Anti-Bacterial AgentsSubstances produced by microorganisms that can inhibit or suppress the growth of other ...  more3531241Details
Anti-Dementia DrugsNot Available753Details
Anti-Dyskinesia AgentsDrugs used in the treatment of movement disorders. Most of these act centrally on dopam...  more31228Details
Anti-epileptic AgentNot Available18227Details
Anti-EstrogensNot Available348Details
Anti-Gonadotropin-Releasing HormonesNot Available39Details
Anti-HIV AgentsAgents used to treat AIDS and/or stop the spread of the HIV infection. These do not inc...  more61336Details
Anti-IgENot Available12Details
Anti-Infective AgentsSubstances that prevent infectious agents or organisms from spreading or kill infectiou...  more7662807Details
Anti-Infective Agents, LocalSubstances used on humans and other animals that destroy harmful microorganisms or inhi...  more71177Details
Anti-Infective Agents, UrinarySubstances capable of killing agents causing urinary tract infections or of preventing ...  more2674Details
Anti-Inflammatory AgentsSubstances that reduce or suppress INFLAMMATION.2671175Details
Anti-inflammatory agents, indomethacin derivativesNot Available00Details
Anti-inflammatory Agents, MiscellaneousNot Available14Details
Displaying categories 351 - 375 of 4735 in total