• CES1
  • Metallothionein-2A
  • Metallothionein-II
  • MT-2
  • MT-II
  • MT2
Gene Name
Amino acid sequence
Number of residues
Molecular Weight
Theoretical pI
Not Available
GO Classification
drug binding / zinc ion binding
cellular copper ion homeostasis / cellular response to drug / cellular response to erythropoietin / cellular response to interleukin-3 / cellular response to zinc ion / cytokine-mediated signaling pathway / interferon-gamma-mediated signaling pathway / negative regulation of growth
cytoplasm / cytosol / nucleus / perinuclear region of cytoplasm
General Function
Zinc ion binding
Specific Function
Metallothioneins have a high content of cysteine residues that bind various heavy metals; these proteins are transcriptionally regulated by both heavy metals and glucocorticoids.
Pfam Domain Function
Transmembrane Regions
Not Available
Cellular Location
Not Available
Gene sequence
>lcl|BSEQ0020798|Metallothionein-2 (MT2A)
Chromosome Location
Not Available
External Identifiers
UniProtKB IDP02795
UniProtKB Entry NameMT2_HUMAN
General References
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Drug Relations

Drug Relations
DrugBank IDNameDrug groupPharmacological action?ActionsDetails
DB00526Oxaliplatinapproved, investigationalnosubstrateDetails
DB01593Zincapproved, investigationalunknownDetails
DB14487Zinc acetateapproved, investigationalunknownDetails
DB14533Zinc chlorideapproved, investigationalunknowncofactorDetails
DB14548Zinc sulfate, unspecified formapproved, experimentalunknowncofactorDetails
DB09130Copperapproved, investigationalnobinderDetails
DB12965Silverapproved, investigationalunknownbinderDetails