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CategoryDescription# of Drugs# of Targets
Acetylcholine, metabolismNot Available18Details
Acetylcholine, secretionNot Available00Details
AcetylglucosamineNot Available00Details
Acid Anhydride HydrolasesA group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of diphosphate bonds in compounds such ...  more10Details
Acid Etching, DentalNot Available25Details
Acid PreparationsNot Available4120Details
Acid ReducersDrugs which actively reduce the hydronium concentration of the gastric system. Includes...  more18194Details
Acid Sensing Ion Channel BlockersA subclass of sodium channel blockers that are specific for ACID-SENSING SODIUM CHANNELS.113Details
Acidic GlycosphingolipidsA subclass of GLYCOSPHINGOLIPIDS containing large polar heads made up of several sugar ...  more10Details
AcidifiersNot Available21Details
Acidifying ActivityNot Available252Details
Acidifying AgentsNot Available10Details
AcidsChemical compounds which yield hydrogen ions or protons when dissolved in water, whose ...  more202589Details
Acids, AcyclicCarboxylic acids that have open-chain molecular structures as opposed to ring-shaped st...  more4081142Details
Acids, AldehydicDicarboxylic acids in which one of the carboxyl groups (-COOH) has been replaced by an ...  more616Details
Acids, CarbocyclicCarboxylic acids that have a homocyclic ring structure in which all the ring atoms are ...  more359826Details
Acids, NoncarboxylicInorganic acids with a non metal, other than carbon, attached to hydrogen, or an acid r...  more202589Details
AcitretinNot Available19Details
Acquired Immunodeficiency SyndromeNot Available11Details
Acridine DerivativesNot Available20Details
AcridinesCompounds that include the structure of acridine.725Details
AcromegalyNot Available210Details
AcrylatesDerivatives of acrylic acid (the structural formula CH2=CHCO2H), including its salts an...  more1618Details
ActiniumNot Available10Details
Actinoid Series ElementsA series of radioactive elements from ACTINIUM, atomic number 89, to and including LAWR...  more20Details
Displaying categories 51 - 75 of 4743 in total