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3rd Party

AHFS Drug Information®

This is a standalone, third-party package that does not connect to DrugBank data or packages.
Covers indications, adverse effects, contraindications, dosage, and more.
  • Leverage evidence-based drug information with therapeutic guidelines and off-label uses
  • Optimize therapies with the latest information on drug dosages and administration
  • Provide health professionals easy, point-of-care access to critical drug information
  • Trusted for 60+ years by pharmacists and health professionals
  • 1,700+ monographs incorporating over 94,000+ references
  • Covers drug interactions, warnings, administration, and more

Key Benefits

  • Best In Class

    Developed by a professional editorial and analytical staff of pharmacists.

  • Broad scope

    Covers Medicaid, Medicare Part D, and more.

  • Up-to-date

    Includes latest considerations from FDA's accelerated approval program.