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Target Identification Data Package

Enhance your analysis with broad information about 16,617 drugs & 19,535 targets.
  • Generate Hypotheses by exploring the connections between drugs, targets, metabolism, chemical structures, adverse effects and more.
  • Evaluate research trends by therapeutic area, target category, functional groups and more.
  • Augment your analysis of novel targets with detailed information about previously studied targets including structural similarity, functional groups, metabolic reactions, indications, adverse effects and drug-drug interactions.
  • Spanning 743 therapeutic categories.
  • Comprehensive information to augment target identification including drugs, indications, targets, metabolic reactions, adverse effects.
  • Coverage of ADME properties to support predictive modelling.

Key Benefits

  • Get started faster

    Skip the cleanup and start working sooner with clean, ready-to-use data.

  • Evaluate trends across categories

    Dig into pharmacological, physiochemical, and therapeutic categories.

  • Access exhaustive data in one spot

    Chemical structures, drug targets, ADMET, trials, clinical details, and more.

  • Enhance Your Analysis

    Map your datasets to ours using our comprehensive identifiers & cross-walks.

  • Leverage expert support

    Get documentation & dedicated support to help you succeed.