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3rd Party

ASHP Injectable Drug Information

This is a standalone, third-party package that does not connect to DrugBank data or packages.
Coverage of 417 monographs and 24,534 compatibility pairs.
  • Make informed co-administration decisions with detailed drug compatibility information
  • Use stability considerations to ensure drugs remain effective in variable conditions
  • Power healthcare information systems with stability and safety info on injectable drugs
  • 3,771 references
  • AHFS® Pharmacologic-Therapeutic Classification© for monographs
  • PubMed references hyperlinked to primary source citations

Key Benefits

  • Up-to-date safety data

    Includes Pertinent FDA MedWatch safety and adverse event alerts.

  • Reduce medication errors

    Use Standardize 4 Safety (S4S) data to clarify drug concentrations.

  • Multi-Drug Search Function

    Check unlimited numbers of medications for two-drug combination compatibility.