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Drug Identifiers Data Package

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Coverage of 15,859 drugs including chemical structures, common identifiers, and names.
  • Simplify data normalization from multiple sources with comprehensive lists of synonyms, brand names, code names, & other common identifiers.
  • Identify potential patterns by grouping drugs based on structural similarity, sequence similarity, type of drug or chemical properties.
  • Enable efficient information retrieval and analysis for data consumers by enabling lookups by multiple naming conventions, and identifiers from multiple platforms.
  • Coverage of 15,859 drugs, their chemical structures OR sequences. Includes coverage of salt, and ester drug product formulations.
  • Chemical structures are available in multiple formats including SDF, SMILES, & Inchi.
  • External identifiers include: ChEMBL, PubChem, RxCUI, PDB, GenBank, Uniprot, & Zinc

Key Benefits

  • Ready-to-use

    Start your research with a clean & ready-to-use database, no cleanup required.

  • Evaluate trends across categories

    Disease areas, pharmacological & therapeutic categories, indications, & more.

  • Complete research landscape

    Covering all major biomedical concepts & half a billion findings.

  • Enhanced Analysis

    Map your datasets to ours using our comprehensive identifiers & cross-walks.

  • Documentation & Support

    Documentation & dedicated support to help you succeed.