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Unlock Comprehensive Drug Data

Enhance your research with accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive drug information, curated by medical experts

DrugBank data supports all stages of drug research and development. Learn how our data can streamline your processes and speed up drug discovery, by exploring the use case on drugbank.com
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How Our Data Packages Can Help You

  • Access Drug Information

    Drug structures, mechanisms, therapeutic uses, pharmacokinetics, and side effects.

  • Accelerate Discovery

    Leverage detailed profiles of existing drugs and potential targets.

  • Save Time on Maintenance

    Spend less time on data maintenance with our extensive packages and bioinformatics tools.

  • Stay Compliant

    Ensure compliance with FDA and international guidelines using approved drug lists and safety data.

  • Tailor Treatments

    Link drug responses to genetic profiles, identify biomarkers, tailor regimens, and understand adverse reactions.

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DrugBank Data Packages

Subscription Required 


Base Packages are available by subscription and include relevant data modules and tables. Click through to preview the data included in each package.


Add-on Packages operate as a complement to related Base Packages. They cannot be subscribed to on their own.