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Clinical Trials & Rare Diseases

This add-on cannot be subscribed as a stand-alone package and must accompany a related package subscription.
Explore deeply curated & connected rare disease trials, treatments, & known targets.
  • Identify areas of opportunity by evaluating trial trends by disease
  • Evaluate competitors' clinical strategies, including endpoints, inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Validate feasibility by analyzing trends in trial failures and outcomes
  • An in-depth list of 4,815 rare diseases
  • A complete database of FDA-designated orphan drugs and condition pairs
  • 3,788 biological entities mentioned in rare disease trials

Key Benefits

  • Get started faster

    Skip the cleanup and start working sooner with clean, ready-to-use data.

  • Evaluate trends across categories

    Dig into pharmacological, physiochemical, and therapeutic categories.

  • Access exhaustive data in one spot

    Chemical structures, drug targets, ADMET, trials, clinical details, and more.

  • Enhance Your Analysis

    Map your datasets to ours using our comprehensive identifiers & cross-walks.

  • Leverage expert support

    Get documentation & dedicated support to help you succeed.

Better Together

Paired with the FDA's clinical trial dataset, this add-on provides clean and usable data ready for query and further analysis:

FDA and Clinical Trials & Rare DiseasesFDAs Open-Source Data Alone

Normalized & mapped to ontologies

Data requires cleaning & normalization

Several structured fields

Trial failure reasons, intervention mapping, relationships to targets, and more

Inconsistent formatting, which causes parsing failures

Curated by medical experts

Unrestricted values, making it hard to define or broaden queries

Richly connects with other data

Does not connect you to other data