Accession Number
DBCAT001521  (DBCAT002532)

Organic compounds containing a carbonyl group in the form -CHO.

ATC Classification
DrugDrug Description
PhenylacetaldehydeNot Available
MalonaldehydeMalonaldehyde is the dialdehyde of malonic acid.
PhosphonoacetaldehydeNot Available
P-HydroxybenzaldehydeNot Available
FormaldehydeA naturally occurring hazardous organic compound used as a preservative in animal feed, cosmetic products, laboratory procedures, disinfection, and home building products.
ProtocatechualdehydeAlso known as protocatechuic aldehyde, protocatechualdehyde is a naturally-occuring phenolic aldehyde that is found in barley, green cavendish bananas, grapevine leaves and root of the herb S. miltiorrhiza . Protocatechualdehyde...
TucaresolTucaresol has been used in trials studying the treatment of HIV Infections.
CinnamaldehydeCinnamaldehyde is approved by the FDA for use within allergenic epicutaneous patch tests which are indicated for use as an aid in the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) in...
GlutaralOne of the protein CROSS-LINKING REAGENTS that is used as a disinfectant for sterilization of heat-sensitive equipment and as a laboratory reagent, especially as a fixative.
PyruvaldehydeAn organic compound used often as a reagent in organic synthesis, as a flavoring agent, and in tanning. It has been demonstrated as an intermediate in the metabolism of acetone...
ChlorhexadolChlorhexadol is a sedative and hypnotic which is regulated in the United States as a Schedule III controlled substance. It is a derivative of chloral hydrate.
VoxelotorA drug used to inhibit the polymerization of hemoglobin S, preventing the painful and sometimes lethal vaso-occlusive crises associated with sickle cell disease.
FurfuralNot Annotated
5-HydroxymethylfurfuralAes-103 has been used in trials studying the treatment and prevention of Hypoxia, Anemia, Sickle Cell, and Sickle Cell Disease.
Drugs & Drug Targets
PhenylacetaldehydePrimary amine oxidasetarget
MalonaldehydeBeta-lactamase SHV-1target
PhosphonoacetaldehydePhosphonoacetaldehyde hydrolasetarget
FormaldehydeD-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidasetarget
FormaldehydeHematopoietic stem cellstarget
PyruvaldehydePhospholipase A2target
VoxelotorCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
VoxelotorCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
VoxelotorCytochrome P450 2B6enzyme
VoxelotorCytochrome P450 2C19enzyme
VoxelotorHemoglobin subunit alphatarget