Accession Number

Derivatives of cinnamic acid (the structural formula: phenyl-HC=CH-COO-), including its salts and esters.

DrugDrug Description
3,4-Dihydroxycinnamic AcidNot Available
Ferulic acidNot Available
PuromycinPuromycin is an antibiotic that prevents bacterial protein translation. It is utilized as a selective agent in laboratory cell cultures. Puromycin is toxic to both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, resulting...
EugenolA phenol used for the temporary relief of toothaches.
Ethyl ferulateNot Annotated
Chlorogenic AcidChlorogenic Acid has been used in trials studying the treatment of Advanced Cancer and Impaired Glucose Tolerance.
IsoeugenolIsoeugenol is approved by the FDA for use within allergenic epicutaneous patch tests which are indicated for use as an aid in the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) in...
Salvianolic acid ASalvianolic acid A is under investigation in clinical trial NCT03908242 (Phase I Study of Continuous Administration of Salvianolic Acid A Tablet).
Sinapic acidSinapic acid is a matrix for matrix-assisted laser desorption technique for protein MW determination. It is also a constituent of propolis.
N-CaffeoyltyramineNot Available
p-Coumaric acidNot Available
Rosmarinic acidNot Annotated
Drugs & Drug Targets
3,4-Dihydroxycinnamic AcidPhotoactive yellow proteintarget
3,4-Dihydroxycinnamic AcidHistidine ammonia-lyasetarget
3,4-Dihydroxycinnamic AcidMacrophage migration inhibitory factortarget
Ferulic acidEndo-1,4-beta-xylanase Ytarget
Ferulic acidEndo-1,4-beta-xylanase Ztarget
Ferulic acidEst1etarget
Ferulic acidO-methyltransferasetarget
Ferulic acidMonocarboxylate transporter 1transporter
Ferulic acidMonocarboxylate transporter 4transporter
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L10-liketarget
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L13atarget
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L23target
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L15target
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L19target
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L23atarget
PuromycinProbable ribosome biogenesis protein RLP24target
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L26-like 1target
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L8target
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L37target
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L3target
Puromycin60S ribosomal protein L11target
PuromycinLeucyl/phenylalanyl-tRNA--protein transferasetarget
EugenolEstrogen receptor alphatarget
EugenolEstrogen receptor betatarget
EugenolAndrogen receptortarget
EugenolTransient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 3target
Sinapic acidEndo-1,4-beta-xylanase Ytarget
N-CaffeoyltyraminePeptide deformylasetarget
p-Coumaric acidPhotoactive yellow proteintarget
p-Coumaric acidPPHtarget
p-Coumaric acidProstaglandin reductase 1target
p-Coumaric acidHistidine ammonia-lyasetarget