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A group of compounds containing the porphin structure, four pyrrole rings connected by methine bridges in a cyclic configuration to which a variety of side chains are attached. The nature of the side chain is indicated by a prefix, as uroporphyrin, hematoporphyrin, etc. The porphyrins, in combination with iron, form the heme component in biologically significant compounds such as hemoglobin and myoglobin.

DrugDrug Description
VerteporfinA benzoporphyrin derivative used to treat pathological myopia, ocular histoplasmosis, and choroidal neovascularization in macular degeneration.
HemoporfinA porphyrin derivative combined with vitamin B12 for the treatment of asthenia.
Porfimer sodiumA hematoporphyrin derivative used to treat esophageal cancer, endobronchial cancer, and high grade dysplasia in Barrett's Esophagus.
N-MethylmesoporphyrinN-methylmesoporphyrin is a solid. This compound belongs to the porphyrins. These are compounds containing a fundamental skeleton of four pyrrole nuclei united through the alpha-positions by four methine groups to...
ProtoporphyrinNot Available
Hydrogenobyrinic acidNot Available
MesohemeThe color-furnishing portion of hemoglobin. It is found free in tissues and as the prosthetic group in many hemeproteins.
SirohemeNot Available
Ferroheme CNot Available
HeminAn iron-containing porphyrin injection used for the relief of recurrent attacks of acute intermittent porphyria (AIP) associated with the menstrual cycle when carbohydrate therapy is not effective.
DiacetyldeuterohemeNot Available
Heme DNot Available
Coproporphyrin INot Available
Zinc protoporphyrinNot Available
Coproporphyrinogen IIINot Available
VerdohemeNot Available
StannsoporfinInvestigated for use/treatment in liver disease, metabolic disease, and pediatric indications.
Motexafin lutetiumInvestigated for use/treatment in brain cancer, breast cancer, cervical dysplasia/cancer, prostate cancer, cancer/tumors (unspecified), coronary artery disease, macular degeneration, and peripheral vascular disease.
Motexafin gadoliniumInvestigated for use/treatment in brain cancer, cancer/tumors (unspecified), lung cancer, and lymphoma (non-hodgkin's).
AEOL-10150Investigated for use/treatment in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
TemoporfinA photosensitizer used to treat squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck.
HematinNot Annotated
Dihematoporphyrin etherDihematoporphyrin ether is under investigation in clinical trial NCT00118222 (High Light and Low Light Dose PDT in Glioma).
Tin protoporphyrin IXNot Available
Heme arginateNot Available
Zinc mesoporphyrinNot Annotated
FerrohemeNot Annotated
Drugs & Drug Targets
Porfimer sodiumLow-density lipoprotein receptortarget
Porfimer sodiumHigh affinity immunoglobulin gamma Fc receptor Itarget
ProtoporphyrinFerritin light chaintarget
Hydrogenobyrinic acidPrecorrin-8X methylmutasetarget
SirohemeSulfite reductase [NADPH] hemoprotein beta-componenttarget
Ferroheme CNitrite reductasetarget
Ferroheme CHigh-molecular-weight cytochrome ctarget
Ferroheme CCytochrome c''target
Ferroheme CQuinohemoprotein ethanol dehydrogenase type-1target
Ferroheme CNitrite reductasetarget
Ferroheme CCytochrome c4target
Ferroheme CCytochrome ctarget
Ferroheme CCytochrome c-552target
Ferroheme CCytochrome c2target
Ferroheme CCytochrome c-550target
Ferroheme CCytochrome c-552target
Ferroheme CCytochrome c-551target
Ferroheme CCytochrome c3target
Ferroheme CSplit-Soret cytochrome ctarget
Ferroheme CGroup 1 truncated hemoglobin GlbNtarget
Ferroheme CCytochrome c-553target
Ferroheme CCytochrome P450 2C9target
Ferroheme CNine-heme cytochrome ctarget
Ferroheme CCytochrome c3, 13 kDatarget
Ferroheme CCytochrome c551 peroxidasetarget
Ferroheme CCytochrome c3target
Ferroheme CCytochrome c'target
Ferroheme CCytochrome c3target
Heme DNitrite reductasetarget
Heme DNitrite reductasetarget
Coproporphyrin IUroporphyrinogen decarboxylasetarget
Zinc protoporphyrinCytochrome ctarget
Coproporphyrinogen IIIUroporphyrinogen decarboxylasetarget
VerdohemeHeme oxygenase 1target
StannsoporfinHeme oxygenase 1target
StannsoporfinHeme oxygenase 2target
Motexafin gadoliniumThioredoxin reductase 1, cytoplasmictarget
Motexafin gadoliniumThioredoxin reductase 2, mitochondrialtarget
Motexafin gadoliniumRibonucleoside-diphosphate reductase subunit M2target