Mometasone furoate



Mometasone furoate is a corticosteroid used to treat asthma, allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion, nasal polyps, dermatitis, and pruritus.

Brand Names
Asmanex, Dulera, Elocom, Elocon, Nasonex, Ryaltris, Sinuva, Zenhale
Generic Name
Mometasone furoate
DrugBank Accession Number

Mometasone furoate is a corticosteroid drug that can be used for the treatment of asthma, rhinitis, and certain skin conditionsLabel14,15. It has a glucocorticoid receptor binding affinity 22 times stronger than dexamethasone and higher than many other corticosteroids as well2. Mometasone furoate is formulated as a dry powder inhaler, nasal spray, and ointment for its different indicationsLabel14,15.

Small Molecule
Approved, Investigational, Vet approved
Average: 521.429
Monoisotopic: 520.141944106
Chemical Formula
  • Mometasone furoate
  • Mometasone furoate anhydrous
External IDs
  • SCH 32088
  • SCH-32088



Inhaled mometasone furoate is indicated for prophylaxis of asthma in patients ≥4 years.5 Applied topically as an ointment, mometasone furoate is indicated for symptomatic treatment of dermatitis and pruritis in patients ≥2 years.9

Mometasone furoate nasal spray is available both over-the-counter (OTC) and by prescription. The OTC nasal spray formulation of mometasone furoate is indicated for the treatment of upper respiratory allergic symptoms (e.g. rhinorrhea, sneezing) in patients ≥2 years of age.11 The prescription formulation is indicated for the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps in patients ≥18 year old and for the and prophylaxis of seasonal allergic rhinitis in patients ≥12 years old.6 It is also approved in combination with olopatadine for the symptomatic treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis in patients ≥12 years.10

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Associated Conditions
Indication TypeIndicationCombined Product DetailsApproval LevelAge GroupPatient CharacteristicsDose Form
Management ofAsthma••••••••••••••••••• •••••••
Prophylaxis ofChronic rhinosinusitis phenotype with nasal polyps (crswnp)••••••••••••••••••••••
Used in combination to treatDermatitis, eczematous caused by superficial fungal skin infectionCombination Product in combination with: Terbinafine (DB00857)•••••••••••••••••
Used in combination to treatModerate to severe plaque psoriasisCombination Product in combination with: Salicylic acid (DB00936)••••••••••••••••••••
Treatment ofPruritus••••••••••••••••••••
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Mometasone is a synthetic corticosteroid with an affinity for glucocorticoid receptors 22 times higher than that of dexamethasone2. Mometasone furoate also has a lower affinity to mineralocorticoid receptors than natural corticosteroids, making it more selective in its action2. Mometasone furoate diffuses across cell membranes to activate pathways responsible for reducing inflammationLabel1,2,3,14,15.

Mechanism of action

In asthma, mometasone is believed to inhibit mast cells, eosinophils, basophils, and lymphocytes3. There is also evidence of inhibition of histamine, leukotrienes, and cytokines3.

Corticosteroids diffuse across cell membranes into the cytosol of cells where they bind to glucocorticoid receptors to produce their activity2. Mometasone furoate has a particularly high receptor affinity compare to other corticosteroids, 22 times higher than that of dexamethasone2. Mometasone furoate binding to a glucocorticoid receptor causes conformational changes in the receptor, separation from chaperones, and the receptor moves to the nucleus3. Once at the nucleus, receptors dimerize and bind to a DNA sequence known as the glucocorticoid response element which either increases expression of anti-inflammatory molecules or inhibits expression of pro-inflammatory molecules (such as interleukins 4 and 5)3. Mometasone furoate also reduces inflammation by blocking transcription factors such as activator-protein-1 and nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kappaB)2,3.

AGlucocorticoid receptorNot AvailableHumans
UProgesterone receptorNot AvailableHumans

The mean time to peak concentration is 1.0 to 2.5 hoursLabel. Bioavailability has been reported as <1%Label but studies of repeat doses of inhaled corticosteroids suggest a bioavailability of 11%3. The 0.1% ointment may have a bioavailability of 0.7%15.

Volume of distribution

Steady state volume of distribution of 152LLabel.

Protein binding

98% to 99% (in vitro concentration of 5 to 500ng/mL)Label14.


Metabolism of mometasone furoate is largely performed hepatically by cytochrome P450 3A4 producing a number of metabolitesLabel14,1,3. Some of these metabolites include free mometasone and 6-beta-hydroxy-mometasone furoate1,3,4.

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Route of elimination

For an inhaled dose, approximately 74% is excreted in the feces and 8% is excreted in the urineLabel14.


The terminal half life of an inhaled dose is approximately 5 hoursLabel though it has been reported as 5.8 hours by other sources14,2.


The clearance rate of mometasone furoate is not readily available1, though it may be close to 90L/h2.

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Overdose with a mometasone furoate inhaler may occur with chronic overuseLabel14. Symptoms of chronic overuse may present as hypercorticism and adrenal suppression, and patients may not require any more treatment than monitoringLabel14.

In animal studies of pregnancy, some fetal toxic effects were seen at or above the maximum recommended human dose, though rodents are more sensitive to these effects than humansLabel14,15. The benefits and risks of use should be considered in pregnant patients14,15

It is unknown if mometasone furoate is excreted in breast milk but other corticosteroids are and therefore caution should be exercised when administering to nursing mothersLabel14,15.

Safety and effectiveness in pediatric populations has been established through clinical trials, though there may be a reduction in expected growth of about 1cm per year depending on the dose and duration of treatmentLabel. Pediatric patients should be titrated to the lowest effective dose for mometasone furoate inhalersLabel.

A trial of geriatric patients showed no difference in safety or efficacy compared to younger patients, however patients of an even greater age may still be more sensitive to mometasone furoateLabel14,15.

The use of a mometasone furoate inhaler in moderate or severe hepatic impairment rarely leads to detectable plasma concentrations though caution may be prudent with increasing degrees of severityLabel14.

The effects of mometasone furoate in renal impairment, and across gender and race have not been studiedLabel14.

Not Available
Pharmacogenomic Effects/ADRs
Not Available


Drug Interactions
This information should not be interpreted without the help of a healthcare provider. If you believe you are experiencing an interaction, contact a healthcare provider immediately. The absence of an interaction does not necessarily mean no interactions exist.
AbametapirThe serum concentration of Mometasone furoate can be increased when it is combined with Abametapir.
AbataceptThe risk or severity of adverse effects can be increased when Abatacept is combined with Mometasone furoate.
AbemaciclibThe metabolism of Abemaciclib can be increased when combined with Mometasone furoate.
AcalabrutinibThe metabolism of Acalabrutinib can be increased when combined with Mometasone furoate.
AcarboseThe risk or severity of hyperglycemia can be increased when Mometasone furoate is combined with Acarbose.
Food Interactions
No interactions found.


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Product Ingredients
IngredientUNIICASInChI Key
Mometasone furoate monohydrateMTW0WEG809141646-00-6AQCCVUHZMIMSIB-HRVPQZBTSA-N
Active Moieties
International/Other Brands
Ecural (Essex pharma) / Elocom (Merck) / Elomet (Schering-Plough) / Eziwin (Intas) / mometAid (Progreś Laboratories) / Novasone (Schering-Plough)
Brand Name Prescription Products
NameDosageStrengthRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing EndRegionImage
AsmanexInhalant110 ug/1Respiratory (inhalation)Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.2005-03-30Not applicableUS flag
AsmanexInhalant220 ug/1Respiratory (inhalation)Physicians Total Care, Inc.2006-03-09Not applicableUS flag
AsmanexInhalant220 ug/1Respiratory (inhalation)Organon LLC2021-06-01Not applicableUS flag
AsmanexInhalant220 ug/1Respiratory (inhalation)Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.2005-03-30Not applicableUS flag
AsmanexInhalant110 ug/1Respiratory (inhalation)Organon LLC2021-06-01Not applicableUS flag
Generic Prescription Products
NameDosageStrengthRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing EndRegionImage
Apo-mometasoneSpray, metered50 mcg / actNasalApotex Corporation2013-03-25Not applicableCanada flag
Mometasone FuroateCream1 mg/1gTopicalNucare Pharmaceuticals,inc.2008-05-28Not applicableUS flag
Mometasone FuroateCream1 mg/1gTopicalA-S Medication Solutions2006-08-23Not applicableUS flag
Mometasone FuroateOintment1 mg/1gTopicalDispensing Solutions, Inc.2006-10-18Not applicableUS flag
Mometasone FuroateOintment1 mg/1gTopicalbryant ranch prepack2008-07-18Not applicableUS flag
Over the Counter Products
NameDosageStrengthRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing EndRegionImage
Allergy NasalSpray50 ug/1NasalWalgreen Company2023-03-30Not applicableUS flag
Childrens NasonexSpray50 ug/1NasalL. Perrigo Company2023-02-07Not applicableUS flag
Leader NasalSpray50 ug/1NasalCardinal Health 110, LLC. DBA Leader2023-09-22Not applicableUS flag
Mometasone FuroateSpray, metered50 ug/1NasalAmneal Pharmaceuticals NY LLC2023-06-16Not applicableUS flag
MosaspraySpray, metered50 mcg / actNasalSandoz Canada Incorporated2016-06-172020-07-20Canada flag
Mixture Products
NameIngredientsDosageRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing EndRegionImage
Atectura BreezhalerMometasone furoate (127.5 mcg) + Indacaterol acetate (125 mcg)CapsuleRespiratory (inhalation)Novartis Europharm Limited2023-02-08Not applicableEU flag
ATECTURA BREEZHALERMometasone furoate (127.5 MCG) + Indacaterol acetate (125 MCG)Powder, meteredRespiratory (inhalation)Novartis Europharm Limited2020-09-10Not applicableItaly flag
Atectura BreezhalerMometasone furoate (260 mcg) + Indacaterol acetate (125 mcg)CapsuleRespiratory (inhalation)Novartis Europharm Limited2020-12-16Not applicableEU flag
Atectura BreezhalerMometasone furoate (127.5 mcg) + Indacaterol acetate (125 mcg)CapsuleRespiratory (inhalation)Novartis Europharm Limited2020-12-16Not applicableEU flag
ATECTURA BREEZHALERMometasone furoate (260 MCG) + Indacaterol acetate (125 MCG)Powder, meteredRespiratory (inhalation)Novartis Europharm Limited2020-09-10Not applicableItaly flag
Unapproved/Other Products
NameIngredientsDosageRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing EndRegionImage
Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt 2% / Mometasone Furoate 0.1% / Niacinamide 4%Mometasone furoate (0.1 g/100g) + Hyaluronic acid (2 g/100g) + Nicotinamide (4 g/100g)CreamTopicalSincerus Florida, LLC2019-05-21Not applicableUS flag
MometacureMometasone furoate (1 mg/1g) + Dimethicone (5 g/100mL)KitTopicalForreal Pharmaceuticals LLC2023-09-13Not applicableUS flag


ATC Codes
D07AC13 — MometasoneR03BA07 — MometasoneD07XC03 — MometasoneR01AD09 — MometasoneR03AK09 — Formoterol and mometasone
Drug Categories
Chemical TaxonomyProvided by Classyfire
This compound belongs to the class of organic compounds known as gluco/mineralocorticoids, progestogins and derivatives. These are steroids with a structure based on a hydroxylated prostane moiety.
Organic compounds
Super Class
Lipids and lipid-like molecules
Steroids and steroid derivatives
Sub Class
Pregnane steroids
Direct Parent
Gluco/mineralocorticoids, progestogins and derivatives
Alternative Parents
Steroid esters / 20-oxosteroids / 11-beta-hydroxysteroids / 3-oxo delta-1,4-steroids / Halogenated steroids / Delta-1,4-steroids / Furoic acid esters / Alpha-chloroketones / Heteroaromatic compounds / Secondary alcohols
show 10 more
11-beta-hydroxysteroid / 11-hydroxysteroid / 20-oxosteroid / 3-oxo-delta-1,4-steroid / 3-oxosteroid / 9-halo-steroid / Alcohol / Alkyl chloride / Alkyl halide / Alpha-chloroketone
show 30 more
Molecular Framework
Aromatic heteropolycyclic compounds
External Descriptors
organochlorine compound, 11beta-hydroxy steroid, steroid ester, 20-oxo steroid, 3-oxo-Delta(1),Delta(4)-steroid, 2-furoate ester (CHEBI:47564)
Affected organisms
  • Humans and other mammals

Chemical Identifiers

CAS number
InChI Key
(1R,2R,3aS,3bS,9aS,9bR,10S,11aS)-9b-chloro-1-(2-chloroacetyl)-10-hydroxy-2,9a,11a-trimethyl-7-oxo-1H,2H,3H,3aH,3bH,4H,5H,7H,9aH,9bH,10H,11H,11aH-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-1-yl furan-2-carboxylate


General References
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KEGG Compound
PDBe Ligand
PDB Entries
1sr7 / 4e2j / 4p6w
FDA label
Download (609 KB)
Download (185 KB)

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials
4CompletedNot AvailableAtopic Dermatitis1
4CompletedOtherAtopic Dermatitis1
4CompletedOtherRhinitis, Allergic, Perennial and Seasonal1
4CompletedTreatmentAdenoidal Hypertrophy1


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Dosage Forms
SuspensionNasal0.05000 g
SuspensionNasal0.050 g
Spray, meteredNasal50 mcg
InhalantRespiratory (inhalation)110 ug/1
InhalantRespiratory (inhalation)220 ug/1
AerosolRespiratory (inhalation)100 ug/1
AerosolRespiratory (inhalation)200 ug/1
AerosolRespiratory (inhalation)50 ug/1
Aerosol, powderRespiratory (inhalation)200 UG
Aerosol, powderRespiratory (inhalation)400 UG
PowderRespiratory (inhalation)100 mcg / act
PowderRespiratory (inhalation)200 mcg / act
PowderRespiratory (inhalation)400 mcg / act
Powder, meteredRespiratory (inhalation)100 mcg/inhalation
Powder, meteredRespiratory (inhalation)200 mcg/inhalation
PowderRespiratory (inhalation)200 Mikrogramm
PowderRespiratory (inhalation)200 mcg
Powder, meteredRespiratory (inhalation)400 mcg/inhalation
PowderRespiratory (inhalation)400 Mikrogramm
CapsuleRespiratory (inhalation)
SuspensionNasal0.050 g
SuspensionNasal0.50 mg
SprayNasal0.05 %
EmulsionTopical0.1 g
LotionTopical0.1 g
OintmentTopical0.1 mg
Aerosol, meteredNasal0.05 %
SuspensionNasal0.0005 g
AerosolRespiratory (inhalation)
SolutionOral1 mg/g
OintmentTopical1 mg/g
OintmentCutaneous1.00 mg
LotionTopical0.1 %
OintmentTopical1 mg
CreamTopical1 mg/1g
OintmentTopical1 mg/1g
SolutionTopical1 mg/g
Cream0.1 %
Ointment0.1 %
CreamTopical1 mg
OintmentCutaneous1.000 mg/g
SolutionCutaneous0.100 g
OintmentTopical1 mg/g
CreamTopical0.10 % w/w
LotionTopical0.10 % W/V
OintmentTopical0.10 % w/w
PowderBuccal0.050 mg
Powder, meteredRespiratory (inhalation)
Spray, suspensionNasal0.05 %
Spray, suspensionNasal0.05 % w/v
CreamTopical10000000 mg
LotionTopical100 mg
SolutionTopical1 mg
SuspensionNasal; Respiratory (inhalation)50 cg
Capsule, coatedOral
SuspensionNasal0.0500 g
SuspensionNasal0.05 g
PowderRespiratory (inhalation)
Capsule; powderRespiratory (inhalation)
OintmentCutaneous0.001 g
CreamTopical1.0 mg/g
CreamCutaneous100.000 mg
PowderRespiratory (inhalation)400 mcg
CreamTopical0.1 %
OintmentTopical0.1 %w/w
SprayNasal50 UG
SuspensionIntrasinal; Nasal50 mcg
SprayNasal50 mcg/actuation
OintmentTopical0.1 %
LotionTopical0.094 g
LotionTopical0.101 g
Spray, suspensionNasal50 mcg/puff
SprayNasal50 Mikrogramm
Spray, suspensionNasal50 mcg/0.1ml
CreamTopical0.1 g
CreamTopical100 mg
LotionTopical100 g
CreamTopical1 g/100g
LotionTopical1 mg/1mL
LotionTopical1 mg/1g
OintmentTopical1 mg/1
SolutionTopical1 mg/1mL
Spray, suspensionNasal50 mcg/1dose
Spray, suspensionNasal50 mcg/actuation
Spray, suspensionNasal50 mcg
SuspensionRespiratory (inhalation)0.05 g
SuspensionIntrasinal; Nasal0.05 g
Solution; sprayNasal0.05 %
Spray, suspensionNasal50 mcg/spray
OintmentTopical0.1 g
Aerosol, meteredRespiratory (inhalation)
CreamCutaneous1 MG/G
Spray, meteredNasal50 mcg / spray
SprayNasal50 ug/1
Spray, meteredNasal50 ug/1
SprayNasal0.05 mg
Spray, meteredNasal50 mcg / act
SprayNasal50 mcg
SprayNasal140 doz
Spray, suspensionNasal50 μg
CreamTopical.1 %
LotionTopical.1 %
PowderRespiratory (inhalation)200 cg
PowderRespiratory (inhalation)400 cg
Cream; kitTopical
SuspensionIntrasinal; Respiratory (inhalation)50 mg
SolutionIntrasinal; Respiratory (inhalation)0.05 g
SuspensionIntrasinal; Respiratory (inhalation)0.05 g
SuspensionNasal; Topical0.05 %
Spray, meteredNasal
ImplantIntrasinal1350 ug/1
OintmentCutaneous100.000 mg
CreamTopical0.1 % w/w
LotionTopical0.1 % w/w
CreamTopical1 mg/g
OintmentTopical0.1 % W/W
OintmentCutaneous0.100 g
SuspensionNasal0.500 mg
Cream0.1 %w/w
Unit descriptionCostUnit
Asmanex 120 Metered Doses 220 mcg/inh Aerosol 0.24 gm Inhaler230.27USD inhaler
Asmanex twisthaler 220 mcg #30131.47USD inhaler
Asmanex twisthaler 110 mcg #30121.76USD inhaler
Nasonex 50 mcg/act Suspension 50 mcg Nasal Spray116.82USD inhaler
Elocon 0.1% Lotion 60ml Bottle86.71USD bottle
Elocon 0.1% Cream 45 gm Tube79.13USD tube
Elocon 0.1% Ointment 45 gm Tube76.45USD tube
Mometasone Furoate 0.1% Solution 60ml Bottle64.99USD bottle
Mometasone Furoate 0.1% Cream 45 gm Tube50.96USD tube
Elocon 0.1% Lotion 30ml Bottle49.85USD bottle
Elocon 0.1% Ointment 15 gm Tube49.85USD tube
Elocon 0.1% Cream 15 gm Tube47.68USD tube
Mometasone Furoate 0.1% Ointment 45 gm Tube35.99USD tube
Mometasone Furoate 0.1% Solution 30ml Bottle32.99USD bottle
Mometasone Furoate 0.1% Cream 15 gm Tube29.99USD tube
Mometasone Furoate 0.1% Ointment 15 gm Tube19.19USD tube
Nasonex 50 mcg nasal spray6.37USD g
Elocon 0.1% cream2.69USD g
Mometasone furoate 0.1% cream1.42USD g
Elocom 0.1 % Cream0.7USD g
Elocom 0.1 % Ointment0.63USD g
Elocom 0.1 % Lotion0.47USD g
Pms-Mometasone 0.1 % Ointment0.35USD g
Ratio-Mometasone 0.1 % Ointment0.35USD g
Taro-Mometasone 0.1 % Ointment0.35USD g
Taro-Mometasone 0.1 % Lotion0.33USD g
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Patent NumberPediatric ExtensionApprovedExpires (estimated)Region
US6127353Yes2000-10-032018-04-03US flag
US6240918Yes2001-06-052017-08-20US flag
US8173172Yes2012-05-082018-09-17US flag
US6503537Yes2003-01-072018-09-17US flag
US5829434Yes1998-11-032016-05-03US flag
US6068832No2000-05-302017-08-27US flag
US7067502Yes2006-06-272020-11-21US flag
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US10561672No2020-02-182034-09-04US flag
US11400101No2014-09-042034-09-04US flag
US11679210No2018-09-032038-09-03US flag


Experimental Properties
melting point (°C)215-228Not Available
water solubilityInsolubleNot Available
logP4.115Not Available
Predicted Properties
Water Solubility0.0108 mg/mLALOGPS
pKa (Strongest Acidic)13.84Chemaxon
pKa (Strongest Basic)-3.1Chemaxon
Physiological Charge0Chemaxon
Hydrogen Acceptor Count4Chemaxon
Hydrogen Donor Count1Chemaxon
Polar Surface Area93.81 Å2Chemaxon
Rotatable Bond Count5Chemaxon
Refractivity132.5 m3·mol-1Chemaxon
Polarizability52.31 Å3Chemaxon
Number of Rings5Chemaxon
Rule of FiveNoChemaxon
Ghose FilterNoChemaxon
Veber's RuleNoChemaxon
MDDR-like RuleNoChemaxon
Predicted ADMET Features
Not Available


Mass Spec (NIST)
Not Available
SpectrumSpectrum TypeSplash Key
LC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-qTof , PositiveLC-MS/MSsplash10-00ba-2921000000-3936ad7a701d12d930e6
MS/MS Spectrum - , positiveLC-MS/MSsplash10-03mj-3891000000-64a4294ec7bf5ac82d6c
Predicted MS/MS Spectrum - 10V, Positive (Annotated)Predicted LC-MS/MSsplash10-05fr-0009610000-98f529b492ba10057582
Predicted MS/MS Spectrum - 10V, Negative (Annotated)Predicted LC-MS/MSsplash10-014i-3201490000-18f2d0f024aa322d76f5
Predicted MS/MS Spectrum - 20V, Positive (Annotated)Predicted LC-MS/MSsplash10-0g4i-0325950000-f567ca22a82327e9351a
Predicted MS/MS Spectrum - 20V, Negative (Annotated)Predicted LC-MS/MSsplash10-00lr-9005110000-bd1eb83ed6ef122d4aa4
Predicted MS/MS Spectrum - 40V, Negative (Annotated)Predicted LC-MS/MSsplash10-014i-9000110000-023b9c51dda321d5af72
Predicted MS/MS Spectrum - 40V, Positive (Annotated)Predicted LC-MS/MSsplash10-00ri-6593230000-e657a9fdba37398b8ada
Chromatographic Properties
Collision Cross Sections (CCS)
AdductCCS Value (Å2)Source typeSource
DeepCCS 1.0 (2019)
DeepCCS 1.0 (2019)
DeepCCS 1.0 (2019)


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Pharmacological action
General Function
Zinc ion binding
Specific Function
Receptor for glucocorticoids (GC). Has a dual mode of action: as a transcription factor that binds to glucocorticoid response elements (GRE), both for nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, and as a modula...
Gene Name
Uniprot ID
Uniprot Name
Glucocorticoid receptor
Molecular Weight
85658.57 Da
  1. Isogai M, Shimizu H, Esumi Y, Terasawa T, Okada T, Sugeno K: Binding affinities of mometasone furoate and related compounds including its metabolites for the glucocorticoid receptor of rat skin tissue. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 1993 Feb;44(2):141-5. [Article]
  2. Lumry WR: A review of the preclinical and clinical data of newer intranasal steroids used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 1999 Oct;104(4 Pt 1):S150-8. [Article]
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  5. Chen X, Ji ZL, Chen YZ: TTD: Therapeutic Target Database. Nucleic Acids Res. 2002 Jan 1;30(1):412-5. [Article]
  6. Mometasone Furoate Twisthaler Label [File]
Pharmacological action
General Function
Zinc ion binding
Specific Function
The steroid hormones and their receptors are involved in the regulation of eukaryotic gene expression and affect cellular proliferation and differentiation in target tissues. Progesterone receptor ...
Gene Name
Uniprot ID
Uniprot Name
Progesterone receptor
Molecular Weight
98979.96 Da
  1. Madauss KP, Deng SJ, Austin RJ, Lambert MH, McLay I, Pritchard J, Short SA, Stewart EL, Uings IJ, Williams SP: Progesterone receptor ligand binding pocket flexibility: crystal structures of the norethindrone and mometasone furoate complexes. J Med Chem. 2004 Jun 17;47(13):3381-7. [Article]


Pharmacological action
General Function
Steroid hydroxylase activity
Specific Function
Cytochromes P450 are a group of heme-thiolate monooxygenases. In liver microsomes, this enzyme is involved in an NADPH-dependent electron transport pathway. It oxidizes a variety of structurally un...
Gene Name
Uniprot ID
Uniprot Name
Cytochrome P450 2C8
Molecular Weight
55824.275 Da
  1. Walsky RL, Gaman EA, Obach RS: Examination of 209 drugs for inhibition of cytochrome P450 2C8. J Clin Pharmacol. 2005 Jan;45(1):68-78. [Article]
  2. Backman JT, Filppula AM, Niemi M, Neuvonen PJ: Role of Cytochrome P450 2C8 in Drug Metabolism and Interactions. Pharmacol Rev. 2016 Jan;68(1):168-241. doi: 10.1124/pr.115.011411. [Article]
Pharmacological action
General Function
Vitamin d3 25-hydroxylase activity
Specific Function
Cytochromes P450 are a group of heme-thiolate monooxygenases. In liver microsomes, this enzyme is involved in an NADPH-dependent electron transport pathway. It performs a variety of oxidation react...
Gene Name
Uniprot ID
Uniprot Name
Cytochrome P450 3A4
Molecular Weight
57342.67 Da
  1. Berger WE, Milgrom H, Chervinsky P, Noonan M, Weinstein SF, Lutsky BN, Staudinger H: Effects of treatment with mometasone furoate dry powder inhaler in children with persistent asthma. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2006 Nov;97(5):672-80. doi: 10.1016/S1081-1206(10)61099-X. [Article]
  2. Sharpe M, Jarvis B: Inhaled mometasone furoate: a review of its use in adults and adolescents with persistent asthma. Drugs. 2001;61(9):1325-50. [Article]
  3. Dvorak Z, Pavek P: Regulation of drug-metabolizing cytochrome P450 enzymes by glucocorticoids. Drug Metab Rev. 2010 Nov;42(4):621-35. doi: 10.3109/03602532.2010.484462. [Article]
Pharmacological action
General Function
Oxygen binding
Specific Function
Cytochromes P450 are a group of heme-thiolate monooxygenases. In liver microsomes, this enzyme is involved in an NADPH-dependent electron transport pathway. It oxidizes a variety of structurally un...
Gene Name
Uniprot ID
Uniprot Name
Cytochrome P450 3A5
Molecular Weight
57108.065 Da
  1. Dvorak Z, Pavek P: Regulation of drug-metabolizing cytochrome P450 enzymes by glucocorticoids. Drug Metab Rev. 2010 Nov;42(4):621-35. doi: 10.3109/03602532.2010.484462. [Article]

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