Accession Number

Compounds with three aromatic rings in linear arrangement with an OXYGEN in the center ring.

DrugDrug Description
MetixeneUsed for the symptomatic treatment of parkinsonism.
FluoresceinA dye used in angiography or angioscopy of the iris and retina.
PropanthelineAn antimuscarinic agent used to treat urinary incontinence, hyperhidrosis, as well as cramps and spasms of the stomach, intestines, and bladder.
FlupentixolA thioxanthene neuroleptic used to treat schizophrenia and depression.
ZuclopenthixolAn antipsychotic indicated for the management of schizophrenia. The acuphase formulation is indicated for initial treatment of acute psychosis or exacerbation of psychosis, while the depot formulation is best for maintenance.
ChlorprothixeneA thioxanthene antipsychotic.
ThiothixeneAn antipsychotic indicated for the management of schizophrenia.
Rhodamine 6GNot Available
LucanthoneIntended for use as a radiation sensitizer in the treatment of brain cancer.
VadimezanInvestigated for use/treatment in solid tumors, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer.
Rose bengalIndicated as a diagnostic agent in routine ocular examinations or when superficial conjunctiva or corneal tissue change is suspected, and as an aid in the diagnosis of keratoconjunctivitis sicca, keratitis,...
Fluorescein lisicolFluorescein lisicol has been used in trials studying the diagnostic of Pharmacokinetics, Hepatic Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Viral, Human, Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis, and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
PimethixenePimethixene is approved for use in Brazil and is marketed under the trade name Muricalm. It is an anticholinergic used in the treatment of bronchitis.
MepixanoxNot Annotated
EosinA medication used to disinfect small skin wounds, bug bites, and sores.
ClopenthixolClopenthixol is a thioxanthene with therapeutic actions similar to the phenothiazine antipsychotics. It is an antagonist at D1 and D2 dopamine receptors.
Phloxine BFor use in dental disclosing products, allowing for highlighting of bacterial placques.
HycanthonePotentially toxic, but effective antischistosomal agent, it is a metabolite of LUCANTHONE. Hycanthone was approved by the FDA in 1975 but is no longer used.
MangostinMangostin is a plant/plant extract used in some OTC (over-the-counter) products. It is not an approved drug.
NangibotideNangibotide is under investigation in clinical trial NCT04055909 (Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of Nangibotide in Patients With Septic Shock).
Rhodamine BNot Annotated
TH-9402 free baseNot Annotated
MerbrominA topical antiseptic indicated in the disinfection of lacerations.
Drugs & Drug Targets
MetixeneMuscarinic acetylcholine receptortarget
FluoresceinIg kappa chain V-II region RPMI 6410target
FluoresceinSolute carrier family 22 member 6transporter
FluoresceinBile salt export pumptransporter
FluoresceinMultidrug resistance-associated protein 1transporter
PropanthelineMuscarinic acetylcholine receptor M1target
FlupentixolAlpha-1A adrenergic receptortarget
FlupentixolDopamine D2 receptortarget
FlupentixolDopamine D1 receptortarget
FlupentixolAromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylaseenzyme
Flupentixol5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2Atarget
FlupentixolP-glycoprotein 1transporter
FlupentixolMuscarinic acetylcholine receptor M1target
FlupentixolLiver carboxylesterase 1enzyme
FlupentixolDopamine D3 receptortarget
FlupentixolDopamine D4 receptortarget
Flupentixol5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2Ctarget
ZuclopenthixolDopamine D1 receptortarget
ZuclopenthixolDopamine D5 receptortarget
ZuclopenthixolDopamine D2 receptortarget
ZuclopenthixolCytochrome P450 2D6enzyme
ZuclopenthixolAlpha-1A adrenergic receptortarget
ZuclopenthixolAlpha-2A adrenergic receptortarget
Zuclopenthixol5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2Atarget
ZuclopenthixolHistamine H1 receptortarget
ZuclopenthixolCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
ChlorprothixeneDopamine D1 receptortarget
ChlorprothixeneDopamine D2 receptortarget
ChlorprothixeneDopamine D3 receptortarget
Chlorprothixene5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2Atarget
ChlorprothixeneHistamine H1 receptortarget
ChlorprothixeneMuscarinic acetylcholine receptor M1target
ChlorprothixeneMuscarinic acetylcholine receptor M2target
ChlorprothixeneMuscarinic acetylcholine receptor M3target
ChlorprothixeneMuscarinic acetylcholine receptor M4target
ChlorprothixeneMuscarinic acetylcholine receptor M5target
ChlorprothixeneP-glycoprotein 1transporter
ChlorprothixeneSerotonin Receptorstarget
ThiothixeneCytochrome P450 1A2enzyme
ThiothixeneCytochrome P450 2D6enzyme
ThiothixeneDopamine D2 receptortarget
ThiothixeneDopamine D1 receptortarget
Thiothixene5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2Atarget
ThiothixeneSolute carrier family 22 member 1transporter
ThiothixeneSerum albumincarrier
Rhodamine 6GHTH-type transcriptional regulator QacRtarget
Rhodamine 6GAcriflavine resistance protein Btarget
Rhodamine 6GMultidrug resistance-associated protein 1transporter
Rhodamine 6GP-glycoprotein 1transporter
LucanthoneDNA topoisomerase 2-alphatarget
LucanthoneDNA-(apurinic or apyrimidinic site) lyasetarget
LucanthoneDNA topoisomerase 1target
VadimezanUDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1-9enzyme
VadimezanUDP-glucuronosyltransferase 2B7enzyme
VadimezanCytochrome P450 1A2enzyme
Rose bengalSerum albumincarrier
Rose bengalLactotransferrincarrier
Rose bengalSerotransferrincarrier
Rose bengalLysozyme Cenzyme
HycanthoneP-glycoprotein 1target
HycanthoneP-glycoprotein 1transporter