Anticarcinogenic Agents

Anticarcinogenic Agents
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Agents that reduce the frequency or rate of spontaneous or induced tumors independently of the mechanism involved.

DrugDrug Description
Vitamin AA vitamin important for retinal function that is used clinically to correct vitamin A deficiency.
GenisteinCurrently Genistein is being studied in clinical trials as a treatment for prostate cancer.
ResveratrolBeing investigated for the treatment of Herpes labialis infections (cold sores).
3,4-Dihydroxybenzoic AcidNot Available
FenretinideInvestigated for use/treatment in macular degeneration.
TranscrocetinateInvestigated for use/treatment in cancer/tumors (unspecified), hemorrhage, hypoxia, respiratory failure, and strokes.
ExisulindInvestigated for use/treatment in adenomatous polyposis coli, lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon polyps, Barrett's esophagus disease, and pediatric indications.
MaxacalcitolNot Annotated
SqualamineInvestigated for use/treatment in ovarian cancer, lung cancer, and macular degeneration.
LycopeneAn ingredient found in a variety of supplements and vitamins.
3,3'-diindolylmethaneDiindolylmethane has been used in trials studying the prevention and treatment of SLE, Prostate Cancer, Cervical Dysplasia, Stage I Prostate Cancer, and Stage II Prostate Cancer, among others.
Zuretinol acetateZuretinol acetate has been used in trials studying the treatment of Impaired Dark Adaptation, RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa), Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), and LCA (Leber Congenital Amaurosis).
Epigallocatechin gallateEpigallocatechin gallate has been investigated for the treatment of Hypertension and Diabetic Nephropathy.
SulforaphaneSulforaphane is under investigation for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is a naturally occurring isothiocyanate found in high concentration in a variety of broccoli.
OltiprazOltipraz has been used in trials studying the treatment and prevention of Lung Cancer, Liver Fibrosis, Liver Cirrhosis, and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
Phenethyl IsothiocyanatePhenethyl Isothiocyanate has been used in trials studying the prevention and treatment of Leukemia, Lung Cancer, Tobacco Use Disorder, and Lymphoproliferative Disorders.
MethylselenocysteineMethylselenocysteine has been used in trials studying the prevention of Prostate Carcinoma and No Evidence of Disease.
Indole-3-carbinolIndole 3 Carbinol is under investigation in clinical trial NCT00033345 (Indole-3-Carbinol in Preventing Breast Cancer in Nonsmoking Women Who Are at High Risk For Breast Cancer).
IrsogladineIrsogladine is under investigation in clinical trial NCT02581696 (The Drug-drug Interaction and Safety of Lafutidine and Irsogladine Maleate in Healthy Adult Volunteers).
Cholesterol sulfateComponent of human seminal plasma & spermatozoa.
Biochanin ABiochanin A is under investigation in clinical trial NCT02174666 (Isoflavone Treatment for Postmenopausal Osteopenia.).
Garlic oilNot Annotated
PeretinoinNot Annotated
EcabetFor the treatment of reflux oesophagitis and peptic ulcer disease.
Drugs & Drug Targets
Vitamin ARetinol dehydrogenase 12target
Vitamin A11-cis retinol dehydrogenasetarget
Vitamin ARetinol dehydrogenase 13target
Vitamin ARetinol-binding protein 5carrier
Vitamin ARetinoid-binding protein 7carrier
Vitamin ARetinol-binding protein 4carrier
Vitamin ARetinol-binding protein 2carrier
Vitamin ARetinal dehydrogenase 2target
Vitamin ARetinal dehydrogenase 1target
Vitamin ALecithin retinol acyltransferasetarget
Vitamin AShort-chain dehydrogenase/reductase 3target
Vitamin AAldehyde dehydrogenase family 1 member A3target
Vitamin AAll-trans-retinol 13,14-reductasetarget
Vitamin ARetinol dehydrogenase 11target
Vitamin ADehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 4target
Vitamin ARetinol dehydrogenase 14target
Vitamin ARetinol dehydrogenase 8target
Vitamin ACytochrome P450 26A1enzyme
Vitamin AApolipoprotein Dtarget
Vitamin AProstaglandin-H2 D-isomerasetarget
Vitamin ASerum albumincarrier
Vitamin ARetinaldehyde-binding protein 1carrier
Vitamin ARetinol-binding protein 3carrier
Vitamin ARetinol-binding protein 1carrier
Vitamin AReceptor for retinol uptake STRA6transporter
GenisteinEstrogen receptor betatarget
GenisteinDNA topoisomerase 2-alphatarget
GenisteinProtein-tyrosine kinase 2-betatarget
GenisteinP-glycoprotein 1transporter
GenisteinMultidrug resistance-associated protein 1transporter
GenisteinATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2transporter
GenisteinCytochrome P450 1A2enzyme
GenisteinNuclear receptor coactivator 1target
GenisteinEstrogen receptor alphatarget
GenisteinNuclear receptor coactivator 2target
GenisteinSteroid hormone receptor ERR2target
GenisteinSteroid hormone receptor ERR1target
GenisteinNuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 2target
GenisteinRAC-alpha serine/threonine-protein kinasetarget
GenisteinG-protein coupled estrogen receptor 1target
GenisteinCytochrome P450 1B1target
GenisteinSex hormone-binding globulintarget
GenisteinCytochrome P450 1A1enzyme
GenisteinSolute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B1transporter
GenisteinSolute carrier organic anion transporter family member 2B1transporter
GenisteinCytochrome P450 2C8enzyme
GenisteinCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
GenisteinCytochrome P450 3A1enzyme
GenisteinCytochrome P450 3A2enzyme
GenisteinCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
GenisteinCystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulatortarget
ResveratrolRibosyldihydronicotinamide dehydrogenase [quinone]target
ResveratrolProstaglandin G/H synthase 1target
ResveratrolCasein kinase II subunit alphatarget
ResveratrolProstaglandin G/H synthase 2target
ResveratrolNAD-dependent protein deacetylase sirtuin-1target
ResveratrolCytochrome P450 1A1enzyme
ResveratrolCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
ResveratrolCytochrome P450 1A2enzyme
ResveratrolCytochrome P450 1B1enzyme
ResveratrolArachidonate 15-lipoxygenasetarget
ResveratrolArachidonate 5-lipoxygenasetarget
ResveratrolAryl hydrocarbon receptortarget
ResveratrolPhosphatidylinositol 4-kinase type 2-betatarget
ResveratrolIntegrin alpha-5target
ResveratrolIntegrin beta-3target
ResveratrolSerum albumincarrier
ResveratrolAmyloid beta A4 proteintarget
ResveratrolEstrogen receptor alphatarget
ResveratrolMelatonin receptor type 1Atarget
ResveratrolMelatonin receptor type 1Btarget
ResveratrolC-type lectin domain family 14 member Atarget
ResveratrolNuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 2target
ResveratrolNuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 3target
ResveratrolSolute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 1target
ResveratrolCarbonyl reductase [NADPH] 1target
ResveratrolPeroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alphatarget
ResveratrolPeroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gammatarget
ResveratrolRAC-alpha serine/threonine-protein kinasetarget
ResveratrolFar upstream element-binding protein 2target
ResveratrolTyrosine--tRNA ligase, cytoplasmictarget
ResveratrolCytochrome P450 2D6enzyme
ResveratrolCytochrome P450 2B6enzyme
ResveratrolCytochrome P450 2C19enzyme
ResveratrolCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
FenretinideRetinol-binding protein 4carrier
ExisulindcAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 4Dtarget
ExisulindcAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 4Ctarget
ExisulindcGMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterasetarget
ExisulindcGMP-dependent 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterasetarget
ExisulindGlutathione S-transferase Ptarget
ExisulindAldose reductasetarget
ExisulindAldo-keto reductase family 1 member B10target
Epigallocatechin gallateAryl hydrocarbon receptortarget
Epigallocatechin gallateDNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1target
Epigallocatechin gallateDihydrofolate reductase, mitochondrialtarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateActin, aortic smooth muscletarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateActin, cytoplasmic 1target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateATP synthase subunit beta, mitochondrialtarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateATP synthase subunit e, mitochondrialtarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateATP synthase subunit g, mitochondrialtarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateCytochrome b5 type Btarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateDiablo homolog, mitochondrialtarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateF-box only protein 41target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateHeterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein Ftarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateHeterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein Ktarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateHeat shock 70 kDa protein 4target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateHeat shock protein beta-1target
Phenethyl Isothiocyanate10 kDa heat shock protein, mitochondrialtarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateHeat shock protein 105 kDatarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateNADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase chain 1target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateNuclear migration protein nudCtarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanatePappalysin-1target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateProteasome subunit alpha type-3target
Phenethyl Isothiocyanate26S protease regulatory subunit 6Atarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateRan-specific GTPase-activating proteintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateProtein S100-A10target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateSplicing factor 3A subunit 3target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateSWI/SNF-related matrix-associated actin-dependent regulator of chromatin subfamily E member 1target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateSuccinyl-CoA ligase [GDP-forming] subunit beta, mitochondrialtarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTumor protein D54target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTropomyosin alpha-1 chaintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTropomyosin alpha-3 chaintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTropomyosin alpha-4 chaintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTubulin alpha-1A chaintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTubulin alpha 3C/D chaintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTubulin alpha-4A chaintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTubulin beta-1 chaintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTubulin beta-2A chaintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTubulin beta-3 chaintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTubulin beta-4B chaintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateThioredoxintarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateUbiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase isozyme L1target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateUbiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 14target
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateTransitional endoplasmic reticulum ATPasetarget
Phenethyl IsothiocyanateVimentintarget
Phenethyl Isothiocyanate14-3-3 protein beta/alphatarget
Phenethyl Isothiocyanate14-3-3 protein epsilontarget
Phenethyl Isothiocyanate14-3-3 protein etatarget
Phenethyl Isothiocyanate14-3-3 protein thetatarget
Phenethyl Isothiocyanate14-3-3 protein zeta/deltatarget
Cholesterol sulfateNuclear receptor ROR-alphatarget
EcabetNADPH oxidase organizer 1target
EcabetUrease subunit alphatarget